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Thomas, S. Galves, O. Neto, M. Bodin, M. Alvarez, J. Armario, P. Banaszak, P. Cegarra, J. Inassaridze Semidirect products of categorical groups.

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Geometry & Topology Volume 21, issue 4 ()

Lupton, J. Bouarroudj, A. Leites, E. Thomas, Y. Savin Coarse geometry and P.

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  4. Zz/2 Homotopy Theory - C. Crabb M. - Księgarnia internetowa PRUSpl.

Kamps, R. Parent, J. Behrens, M. Kriz, J.


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Homotopy theory ZZ2

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Grozman, D. Lebedev Divided power co homology. The Euler characteristic: 9. Topological Hermitian Ktheory: Algebraic Hermitian Ktheory: B. Appendix: on the Hermitian Jhomomorphism: Bibliography: Index.

ZZ/2 - Homotopy Theory (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)

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