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Starting with the second generation 2G or GSM , digital signals are used for voice transmission, enabling an initial throughput in the range of 9. Next to 2G, the 2. It uses digital modulation and is essentially a circuit-switched network. The Requirements and Capabilities of 5G In order to enable connectivity for a wide range of applications with different characteristics and requirements, the capabilities of the 5G wireless access must extend far beyond those of previous generations of current mobile communications.

The main requirements of 5G include very high data rates, very low latency, and ultra-high reliability.

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Massive system capacity - In order to support a greater number of devices compared with the current networks, 5G should be able to distribute data at a much lower price and lower energy cost compared to the current level. Also, 5G must include the deployment of billions of wirelessly connected sensors Internet of Things, IoT.

Very high data rates everywhere - 5G should provide data rates over Mbps in urban and suburban environments. This data rate should be achieved everywhere, including sparsely populated rural areas, as in developed countries and developing ones. In specific cases, 5G should be able to provide a high level of data rates up to 10 Gbps in indoor and outdoor environments. Very low latency - 5G intentions to even higher levels of data rates, have raised the need for lower time latency. This is required especially for applications such as traffic safety, in what is known as critical infrastructure and in industrial processes where requires the latency to be less than 1ms.

Ultra-high reliability and availability - Besides small latency, 5G must also provide connectivity with ultra-high reliability and high availability services such as control of critical infrastructure and traffic safety. Very low device cost and energy consumption - 5G must provide mobile devices at very low cost and low energy consumption.

In this way, it will enable the functioning of billions of sensors and similar IoT devices wirelessly connected, and the battery life will be several years without recharging.


But also in voice communications as in 5G, voice communication will be implemented using VoIP technology. Spectrum for 5G - To achieve high capacity of traffic, 5G must extended the range of frequencies used for mobile communication that will include new spectrum below 6 GHz, and the spectrum in the higher frequency bands in a wide range of frequencies up to GHz.

Thus, the relevant spectrum for wireless access on 5G will be extended to a range of below 1 GHz to GHz. The 5G technology component - With further extending operation to higher frequencies, there are some key technology components required for evolution to 5G wireless access. The separation of user data and control functionality of the system will be able to extend in multiple frequency bands. This seperation will be important in case of networks deployment with high density, relying on the principle of beam-forming for data distribution.

Direct device to device communication D2D - D2D communication in 5G will be an integral part of the system for wireless access. The possibility for D2D communication will enlarge the skills and will increase the effectiveness of wireless access networks, avoiding uncontrolled interference in other lines, which is realized by under network control. Rather, microwave and access lines should be viewed as an integrated solution of wireless access, able to use the same basic technology and will operate using a common spectral resource.

Towards 5g: Applications, Requirements and Candidate Technologies by Rath Vannithamby

The 5G will have a crucial role in realizing the vision of the Networked Society, 5G networks need to provide capabilities not only for the voice and data communication as we know it today, but alsofor the new applications that will fulfil all demands of the new industries, and society in general. Researches and standardization have started in many technology areas of fundamental importance for 5G such as cloud and the Internet of Things.

Besides the numerous efforts and researches on the definition of 5G mobile networks, there is much more to do in order to reach standardization in the 3GPP.

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A multi-stakeholder approach involving operators, vendors, regulators, policy-makers and representatives of 5G users for example, industry segments is fundamental to the security baseline of trustworthy, cost-efficient and manageable 5G networks. Depending on the role that 5G aspires to play in new usages — for example, for enterprises, public safety and industrial automation, standards defined or to be defined by bodies such as the ISO International Organization for standardization , the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission and the CSA Cloud Security Alliance will also have an impact on the technology.

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