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American Literary History.

The Elsewhere: On Belonging at a Near Distance

Social Identities. Adam Zachary Newton". Yeshiva University web site.

Retrieved Fabulous orients: fictions of the East in England, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. Whispering the Word: hearing women's stories in the Old Testament. Description The Elsewhere. Or, midbar - biblical Hebrew for both ""wilderness"" and ""speech.

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But also a place that speaks. Ingeniously using a Talmudic interpretive formula about the disposition of boundaries, Newton explores narratives of ""place, flight, border, and beyond.

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Together, their texts - paired so as to speak to one another in mutually revelatory ways - narrate the paradox of the ""near distance. Free Returns We hope you are delighted with everything you buy from us.

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Frierson and Semyon S. Anderson, Celina Su, and Jeanne Theoharis.

The mainstream media has stumbled upon rural America. Sometime over the past couple of years, during the many months of presidential campaigning and all the small town stops, through the health care politicking and the birth of the Tea Party, pundits seem to have discovered the vast expanse of land connecting the two coasts, the long corridors of space linking their cities.

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  • This rural America has begun to capture the public imagination. One constant across this rural America, as portrayed in these media accounts, is its color. There is another rural America, one that exists beyond stereotypes and caricatures, one more diverse and more complex. It is a place with rich histories and unfolding narratives, a place with dense politics of belonging and community. It is an altogether more complicated rural America than recent headlines suggest.

    In this book, as she explores questions of place and belonging, she gives voice to a narrative that adds complexity and authenticity to current understandings of rural Ameras recent depictions are white; it is a place where African Americans have lived for generations, a place of ambivalence and comfort, oppression and liberation.