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Unlike most mystery and suspense series, this one doesn't do as well as a stand-alone or a series that you can jump right into. I also had an issue with the incredible sadness and underlying hopelessness that followed throughout the entire book. There seemed to be no glimmer of hope or occasional uplifting moments for either the main character or the reader.

Consequently, the entire book left me feeling gloomy. That being said, Talton's writing itself is highly enjoyable. The plot is intricate, with unexpected twists.


The characters are well developed, with their own quirks and traits. His books are absolutely worth reading. However, I would suggest starting at the first book in the series and reading them in order. Apr 14, Kay rated it it was amazing. I am so glad I found Jon Talton on the shelf at the library! This sheriff-procedural was a top-notch thriller and a really good, well-written-and-plotted read, but the winning aspect for me was the clear look at the reality of Hispanic immigration in Arizona--the bad guys are not the hardworking, law-abiding immigrants being deported, they are the drug-and-arms gangs that remain untouchable--except for the ones that run afoul of David Mapstone.

Still the surprising denouement was a revelation of I am so glad I found Jon Talton on the shelf at the library! Still the surprising denouement was a revelation of how hard it is to go against the powerful foreign gangs. With the murder victim's girlfriend winding through the story, there was a soft edge to the sharp realities and the historical crimes and snippets that give depth to this book. Splendid read! Nov 14, Roger rated it really liked it. Good book.

Jan 07, Tom Cassidy rated it it was amazing. Noir in blazing sunlight? Reach for a cold glass of water and read on. The gripping prologue to South Phoenix Rules is chock-full of testosterone-laden thugs armed to the teeth with every conceivable death-pistol imaginable, and soon sets the relentless pace from this latest thriller by Jon Talton. The horrendous heat carries a special color for which even the great poet Dante would have diff Noir in blazing sunlight?

The horrendous heat carries a special color for which even the great poet Dante would have difficulty describing adequately. Professor Jax Delgado comes to Phoenix apparently to conduct research for his next book. Once in town, he meets the beautiful and free-spirited Robin Bryson, and soon they begin dating. Upon hearing of the killing of Delgado, Lindsey makes one demand of Mapstone: Protect Robin at all costs.

Easier said than done. Is Robin as innocent as she claims? Or is she hiding something dark and sinister? This makes him more human, more flawed, someone we can relate to, rather than some superhuman and two-dimensional Shamus with all the answers. One little niggling criticism of the storyline has to be addressed, though: South Phoenix Rules is the sixth book in the Mapstone series, and for those readers jumping into their first Mapstone book, some more information could have been planted in the early pages regarding his estranged wife.

It takes just a little too long to unfold in this particular case, and could have been ironed out closer to the beginning, if just to bring the reader on-board faster. The plot is complex with genuine twists you never see coming, and the droll dialogue is sarcastic, fast, and nose-breakingly violent. Happy-ever-after, South Phoenix Rules is not, but those wishing for an original slant on crime fiction should pick up this impressively unyielding noir story and quickly add it to their must-read list.

May 13, Cathy Cole rated it really liked it. First Line: The August heat in Phoenix has a color. Changes are staring David Mapstone in the face. His boss was defeated in the recent election, and Mapstone knows he's on the way out, too. He has no clear idea of what he's going to do next. All he does know is that his wife is still on assignment in Washington, DC, and he's not exactly happy that her sister, Robin, is living in the apartment above his garage.

When the history professor Robin is dating is killed and connected to a deadly drug car First Line: The August heat in Phoenix has a color. When the history professor Robin is dating is killed and connected to a deadly drug cartel, Mapstone knows that Robin's life is in danger. In order to protect his sister-in-law, he has to turn from history and cold cases to the very real and very current world of smuggling people, drugs, guns in Phoenix.

Once again Talton has crafted a gripping mystery with a main character I've grown to care about-- and taught me more Phoenix history along the way.

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Mapstone is a Phoenix native, raised by his grandparents in an older home in an older neighborhood. He's seen the way Phoenix has changed, and he doesn't like it. When I think of the changes this city has undergone since I moved here in , I understand at least part of Mapstone's pain. The tension keeps simmering with gang members watching the house, shootouts in parking lots, illegal gun sales, and Mapstone's very uneasy relationship with his wife. Perhaps it was because I knew which Pete's Fish and Chips Mapstone was meeting a bad guy at, or because a suspect lived a few blocks from me, but I almost felt as though I needed eyes in the back of my head as I read this book.

I love reading a book that keeps me that involved in the action. If you live in Phoenix and love crime fiction, you should definitely read this series. Even if you live elsewhere, you should enjoy these well-written books featuring the "History Shamus". How well does this book stand on its own? It stands on its own rather well.

Arizona Dreams: A David Mapstone Mystery #4

There are comments made about events in previous books, but they shouldn't be confusing Hopefully they'll make you want to read the rest. The characters in this series grow and change, and I've enjoyed experiencing the changes along with them. Perhaps you will, too. Got this free as an advanced reader copy. Gasoline is running in short supply. Tempers are ready to flare. Foreclosures are rampant.

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Mapstone combines his skills as a historian with law enforcement knowledge to solve cold cases. Mapstone, who was in the process of resigning from the department to return to teaching following his mentor non-re-election for sheriff, soon learns that NYU has no record of Jax and that he may have really been a notorious assassin. Then David notices that Robin is wearing a necklace that has blood on the back. In a confrontation, she admits that the chain, which has two dog-tags attached, bith dating from WW II and belonging to a Nisei soldier, was in the box with the head.

Did she scream before or after she took the chain from the box, David wonders. Then it turns out Jax was ATF. David is soon in the midst of a jungle of mistaken identity, murder and mayhem.

Phoenix does not come off well. Unfortunately some employees decided to use his noggin for batting practice. A disgraced former governor remade himself as a pastry chef. It was a city where a man left his wife by killing her and his children and then blowing up his suburban house, where a woman cut up her lover and left him in a dumpster. Feb 19, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Another winner from Poisoned Pen Press! What an amazing story and I feel so enlightened in regard to the state of modern day Phoenix. South Phoenix Rules presents Phoenix with a brutal realism that expertly depicts the challenges that it faces today.

Phoenix is presented as soulless city that has been exploited during the real estate boom. However, now its reality is filled with home repossessions and lost jobs. Talton does an amazing job of capturing the mood of the city. And you can feel his loss as he despairs over what used to be before the carpetbaggers showed up.


In a sense it is similar to the loss of old Louisiana that James Lee Burke so eloquently portrays in the Dave Robichaux series. I love that the main character David Mapstone is a historian with the sheriff's department in Phoenix.

What a cool job! He gets to solve cold cases. Love it! David is also suffering a personal loss that is reflected in his dark moods. His wife Lindsey has left town for a job with Homeland Security in D.