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One exception is the letter "e," wherein the addition of a silent "e" rule does not apply. There are many similar exceptions that can cause a child confusion when first starting. It requires the teacher to stage the instruction to outline each rule and exception individually. By working closely with the teacher, you, as the parent, can begin helping out at home. Vowel teams refer to the use of two consecutive vowels to create a single long vowel sound. The long vowel sound usually relates to the first vowel in the sequence.

Teaching Long Vowels to Children

When a child starts learning long vowels, the instruction will generally be constrained to one-syllable words. Longer words and more complex rules such as "I before E except after C" will usually be introduced in second grade or later. The child will also be taught that the only double vowels used in words are "ee" and "oo. By contrast, "oo" is pronounced in many different ways such as "hoop," "look," "brood," and "boo. One of the rules a child may learn when starting out is that vowels can sometimes be long if followed by double consonants.

It is a fun rule for kids to test out as they begin to read. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, and that can be part of the fun. By picking out the inconsistencies, children can start to intuitively work out how a word is spoken as they move from reading words to entire sentences. So, even if words like "sing," "long," and "hill" don't adhere to double consonant rules children will quickly get the hang of it as they become better at working out the sound and context of a word at the same time. If your child is struggling with long vowel sounds, try not to stress about it.

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Children learn at different rates and will usually catch up if you work them at home. Flashcards are a great and fun way to do this. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Speech and Language Developmental Milestones. Updated September More in School.

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Long Vowel Words Chart

The same for Slide 9 the one with the exercise. You might want to pause Slide 9 before going on to do the exercise on slide Thanks and sorry about these glitches! No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Lesson 3 the long vowel sounds 1.

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Today we are learning to pronounce the long vowel sounds of English. We are learning this because some vowel sounds can be difficult to pronounce. Learning Objectives: Learning objectives: 1. Look at the phonetic symbols for long vowel sounds.

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Practise using the long vowel sounds in pronunciation exercises. Be sure to download the PowerPoint so you can hear the audio. The download button can be found under the PowerPoint. Learning objective 1: Phonetic symbols for vowel sounds. There are three different types of vowel sounds in English: 1.

Short Vowels 2. Long Vowels 3. Diphthongs 6. There will be two points dots after the phonetic symbol. I: Dots : 8. What do the Long Vowel sounds look like in the phonetics? Learning Objective 2: Practise using the long vowel sounds in pronunciation exercises. Have a pen and a piece of paper ready!

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