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Howarth, J.

Melillo, W. Moomaw, A. Mosier, K. Sanders, S. Seitzinger, S. Comparison of scientific findings from major ozone field studies in North America and Europe. Cowling , G. Atmospheres , D7 , — Cowling , W. Chameides, C. Kiang, F. Comparison of emissions of nitrogen and sulfur oxides to deposition of nitrate and sulfate in the USA by state in Furiness , L. Smith, L. Atmospheres , D23 , — By: R. Saylor, W. Atmospheres , D17 , — Erisman, T. Brydges, K. Bull, E.

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Cowling , P. Grennfelt, L. Nordberg, K. Satake, T. Smeulders, K. Van Der Hoek, J. Optimizing air quality management in Europe and North America: justification for integrated management of both oxidized and reduced forms of nitrogen. Smeulders, S. Meagher, E. Cowling , F. By: W. Acidification research: Lessons from history and visions of environmental futures.

Recent changes in chemical climate and related effects on forests in North America and Europe.

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Throughfall and stemflow measurements at Mt. Mitchell, N.

Publications | Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna

In Proceedings of the U. Symposium on Forest Decline Technical publication pp. Robarge , R. Study of cloud originated stemflow and throughfall collections from red spruce and Fraser fir trees at Mt. Mitchell, NC. Robarge , P. Smithson, S. Modena, R. A status report on acid precipitation and its biological consequences as of April In Acid precipitation, effects on ecological systems p. Ann Arbor, Mich. An historical resume of progress in scientific and public understanding of acid precipitation and its biological consequences.

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  • Investigations of nitrogen fluxes and pools on a limestone site in the Alps.

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International Nitrogen Initiative (INI)

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Libraries repository. Forests as an alternative for swine manure application Technical Report Vol. Using animal manures in forest fertilization Technical Report Vol.

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NC Cooperative Extension. Integrating learning, discovery, and engagement through the scholarship of engagement Technical Report- Not held in TRLN member libraries.

Planteopptak (Multi-media Geokjemi)

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First International Nitrogen Conference Elsevier, Amsterdam.