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There are many benefits to using and developing smart grid technology.

By implementing newer and more sophisticated technology, the current power grid can be updated and streamlined. There are a couple of ways that smart grid technology can help! Many of the technologies that exist today are not computerized or automated. When the grid was first installed in the beginning of the 20th century, not many people were thinking about a long-term plan. This resulted in a wide web of power lines that are sometimes not the most efficient or coordinated. The scale at which the power grid has grown is enormous and each day more and more users are being added on.

By comparison, the amount of new infrastructure that is being built is lessening. This creates a huge load on the existing power grid.

Emerging Technologies for Waste‐to‐Energy and Fuel Conversion

Many of the current power components are old and as the power in the lines is increased to a larger and larger load, these older components cannot handle the increased power. This overload of power consumption can lead to an increased number of blackouts and power outages in certain areas with weak or old infrastructure. This is where the new smart grid technology can be helpful.

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If components are equipped to communicate with each other and also with a central control center, the electric load can be maintained and balanced. Therefore, if a piece of equipment fails or a transmission line has a fault where the flow of current is disrupted , sensing equipment can send a message to the central control center. The central control center can then communicate with other transmission lines and equipment around the area to re-route power to the affected area. This will help isolate and shrink the areas that are affected by power outages. It also helps to accurately locate and detect the exact location of the problem in the system US Dept.

That means faster response times to fix the equipment or repair the power line.

This communication between components is an up and coming idea that has spread throughout the technological world. Advances in wired and wireless technology are common now and it feels like every other day, there is a newer, faster and easier way to communicate. With the advent of the world wide web and smartphones, regular people can now talk with each other half way across the world, while also setting the temperature in their home, driving in their Bluetooth enabled car.

Smart communication between objects is expected in the present day. If there is communication between the consumer and the electrical grid, this would allow people to be more sustainable as they watch the electrical consumption of their house while their away, or turn off certain appliances that are using too much energy.

This could lead to better and more efficient energy consumption by the consumer and businesses, which will lead to less of a strain on the electrical grid, and also less consumption of coal and gas power. Communication between components in a power grid is very important, but another very important aspect of the smart grid is automation. Automation works together with communication to create a more reliable system.

Workers are required to look for meter, breaks in the transmission line and power outages. This is a very slow system as it takes time to locate the power outage and then determine the cause of it. Automation would allow devices attached to the grid to constantly update and report their conditions.

Power system operation and control by stevenson

They would also be able to be controlled by a central control center. This means that to reroute power from one area to another, ground workers do not have to physically be there to switch the distribution of power. Instead, a central control room or center could flip the switches from wherever they are, almost immediately fixing the outage rather than having to wait for the ground workers to arrive at the scene.

The smart grid will have a huge impact for many people and companies. First and most importantly, it will help the consumers, the people and businesses who rely on the distribution of electrical power to run their lights, heating, computers etc. The extra reliability of the new smart grid and also the fast response time to power disruptions will mean less and shorter power outages.

Power suppliers will also be affected.

The current technology that is in place relies heavily on manual labor to manually switch and divert power. Complete automation and communication of the grid would allow companies to save costs of manual work and also provide a safer work environment to their current workers.

This would allow power companies to potentially lower costs for their customers. One company that is leading the way in the implementation of the smart grid technology is Southern California Edison, which is based in Los Angeles, California. A link the outline of the plan is provided in the bibliography. SCE planned to have new technologies installed such as advanced sensors and controllers, transformers with superconducting material, and 4G wireless broadband communication to many of their sites. This plan is to be implemented in five stages that covers the transmission of power, distribution of power and customer related technologies SCE, The five stages are: foundation, inform and automate, interactive, and intuitive and trans-active grid.

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