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But in Human Powered Water Competition, very fast boats are used, driven by, propeller or air screw. Some boats use hydrofoils to minimize the resistance in the water for more speed. Also submarines are among the Human Powered Water Vehicles, driven with propeller or non-propeller. Today the Human Powered Submarines are free-flooding wet submarines. It means, that the riders breath from a diving outfit and a scuba-system aboard.

Human powered vehicle design

There are also Human Powered Vehicles, which move on Rails. Many of these vehicles are used primarily in the tourism. World Human Powered Vehicle Association. What is a HPV?

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Land HPV - Recumbent Bicycles A recumbent bike is a bicycle with a seat position that is inclined backwards and the bottom bracket and the pedals are attached front. There are not many of them, but great achievements could be flown.

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  • They are build for only one person and all try to win the Sikorsky Prize one minute flight, 3m high in a square of 10x10m. Winner is AeroVelo Atlas in Recumbent Bicycle. Recumbent Tricycle. Milan - Tricycle holds 3 world records.

    Streamliner - full faired with two wheels. Seacycle - Human Powered Catamaran with propeller drive. Scubster - Human Powered Submarine s.


    Omer 3 - Record 10m flying start. Pedaled four-wheel rail-cycle draisine for tourism.

    Velair - Human Powered Airplane. He comes with his good friend every year, and we usually pick up one or two volunteers.

    Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)

    Merika comes from the Netherlands. So how can a human powered bicycle travel at 90 miles per hour on flat ground? The remainder is made up of rolling resistance and bearings, and really that part is insignificant. You can feel how much resistance there is and turn it like an airplane wing and actually fly your hand in the wind.

    We had the Delta Amsterdam team qualifying in the 60s mph on a half course with only two and a half miles to accelerate to the meter time trap. These bikes are not purchased off a shelf.

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    Each steamliner is custom designed and all but hand-manufactured. Working year-a-round, university-based and independent teams spend staggering numbers of hours developing their designs. Winning and setting records at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge are important and coveted accomplishments, but Krause says the object is to gain valuable knowledge from making the most aerodynamically efficient vehicles possible. These are super-efficient vehicles that are going at highway speeds on the power of three watt bulbs.

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    The stories behind the bikes that compete in Battle Mountain are inspiring examples of dedication, learning, skill, and to a large degree, daring. The competition drives the development of technology and also demands a well-coordinated team effort. You have to be able to start to make the run and you have to start in compliance with our rules. Very large groups of students are working on these projects year around. Many of these bikes are a huge effort.

    Competitors from eight nations are in Battle Mountain this year.

    We have a new team this year from the University of Tokyo. Most people when they come out and do it once they really want to stay and they want to come back and they do, year after year.