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My favourite was the one with the gerbils, hilarious. Should def be re-released. How ridiculous! Although I just read that a dictionary has been banned somewhere in America because it has a definition of oral sex in it, which is truly frightening!! I just discovered these — in late middle age! I saw a reference to them online and searched them out.

They are cute, almost innocuous, and perhaps my interest shows a hankering for the early, simple days of suburban childhood that I knew. I adored Anastasia when I was younger! Was she considered too modern? I remember liking that she asked questions about everything and she seemed very brave to me. Little girls should be reading her now!

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BookElf says:. The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook. Are Demons the Cause of Your Sickness? Revised Edition. God Speaks Pink Last of the Nephilim 3. Beric the Briton, G. Honey, They Shrunk My Hormones. The Girls. At first Anastasia is sure that her problem is her family.

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They used to be just fine, but suddenly they've become, well, really embarrassing. After all, who else has to put up with parents who don't do normal things like play bridge?

Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst (Anastasia Krupnik, book 4) by Lois Lowry

Who else has to cope with a troubled three year old genius for a little brother? Why is she the one stuck with such weird relatives? Then in a flash of insight, Anastasia realizes the problem is herself, her thirteen year old, hormone ridden self. She has clearly gecome a seriously disturbed person, and she needs help, psychiatric help, right away. But nobody else seems to appreciate this, least of all her parents, who refuse to send her to an analyst.

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Undeterred, the resourceful nastasia takes matters into her own hands. For most of her seventh grade year, she secretly undertakes a course of psychiatric thereapy with the most fmaous analyst of them all. Once again in the indomitable Anastasia Krupnik will keep readers laughing for hours at her escapades during the frustrating and exasperating time when childhood isn't far behind and adulthood looms miserably ahead.

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